Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Sigma Beauty Welcome Gift!

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Hey fellas! This is July already.. My birthday is here and I was really excited when I got this package from SIGMA Beauty. Yes, it's SIGMA! The well known brand for make up brush. Feels like early birthday present to me... I got them about weeks ago but I was really super busy so I didn't blog so much. Here I am... Will spoil you with Sigma products preview. 

A month ago, Sofia, the affiliate manager contacted me and told me that I was one of their affiliate and would like to give me the welcome gift. Super excited *o*.. She was very kind and helpful. Now, I'm gonna reveal what I got. Ehmm.. Be ready..

A box full of goodies... Drooling my eyes.. I'm soooo surprised to see what's inside. Sigma is my dream brush. I only have 1 and it's my HG brush, and getting more Sigmas is awesome.

Friday, July 17, 2015

New ice cream place in town! Paletas Guey/Wey Bali

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You scream, Ice cream!
Who doesn't like ice cream? Everyone loves it...

Two weeks ago I got invitation from Paletas Guey/Wey (they just changed the name) in Kerobokan, Bali to do ice cream test. 
Of course I'm excited! In Summer time like this, who can resist!
PS Everyday is summer here, so ice cream is a must thing everyday.
*Just kidding* I don't eat them everyday.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

June 2015 Haul

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Hi Fellas,

June has ended. How do you feel...? My birthday just past and I feel old enough now, 25 is over, but stay young is our choice, right! Now it's time to look for anything that has 'anti aging' inside, at least early anti aging.

I got some products from June, already keeping my head from buying again, but a few products won't bite, right. I just got what I almost emptied. Kinda sounds like excuses...? ^_~

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum - Review

Hi! It's almost holiday time. Where do you go this time? I'm not going anywhere. Just staying at this Bali island because I have event coming up, can't wait to meet my blogger friends! Don't forget to moist your skin on your holiday time, I'll review the most important thing in skincare regime, serum! If I need to choose one thing out of gazillion skincare routine steps, I'll choose serum.

I got this last month, when my friend went to Korea. I've used this years ago and I liked it, then using Laneige Water Bank Essence, now I need a cheaper version but they seem to renewed it last 2014. Sooo.. What's the difference then?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Little Hongkong Eating House Bali

This will be my first time reviewing Chinese Food. It is a very common food that can easily be find anywhere in Indonesia, but many of them has lost the real taste and authenticity. Surabaya and Jakarta are famous for its good Chinese Food, but it's not that easy to find a real and good Chinese Food in Bali. Now, I know where to find it.

I agree with the restaurant's name because it is a little restaurant that brings the authentic Hongkong cuisine to Bali. The place is small but people always come and go to have lunch and dinner and sometimes in the afternoon.