Spring has come! Yet.. I have a spring nail art to cheer you up!
As you have known, I made these using my favourite nail supplies, nail water decals that I got from Born Pretty Store back then. I still have so many to show it to you. They have amazing so many beautiful design.

Who feel like Spring? This is not scary for you, the design is pretty flowery skull which is perfect for spring, along with the colorful nail polish, all from OPI Euro Centrale Mini Set.

What do you think? Love it?
I'll find my next inspiration since it's already time to change my nails. ^_^

Once again, if you don't know what is Nail Water Decals, check my previous post here.
Share your thought please, if you have any idea, let me know!

BN = BRAND NEW (baru gresss... belum terpakai)
PL = Preloved (sudah terpakai, ada keterangan sisa berapa %)

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Left: BN Peach Cleansing Foam (beli di Sasa)  IDR 50.000
Right: BN Kracie Naive (anak pershn Kanebo) Aloe (beli di Sasa) IDR 50.000

BN Etude House Ice Cream nail polish: lime, brown, teal, coral @ IDR 35.000
lime sold

BN Laneige Water Bank Essence miniature 20ml IDR 60.000 (stok sisa 1)

BN Peripera Waterproof Wonder Liner Auto No3 Deep Grey IDR 45.000

penampakan seperti ini, ada serutan di belakangnya

BN Mio Piccolo Japan Lip Gloss IDR 25.000

Masami Shouko beauty blender (no box)
sudah dicuci bersih dan disimpan di plastik
pake 5x, cek review disini
IDR 50.000

Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake Strawberry (80%)
IDR 35.000

It's skin babyface petit blusher purple (90%, logo emboss masih terlihat sedikit)
IDR 30.000

Makarizo salon style mousse (95%) IDR 30,000
Tony Moly Aqua Aura Luminous Goddess Mist - for glowing finish (90%) IDR 70.000 
Etude House Tear Drop Liner (50%) 17.000

Dibawah ini titipan temen tapi dia lagi ke luar negri, 2bln lagi baru balik >.< 
boleh book dulu, nanti dikirim blkgan.
Ongkir free kota besar jawa dan bali.

BN Milani Baked Bronzer Soleil (best selling, recommended by youtube gurus, bloggers) 1x swatch, as new. 
IDR 110.000

Sonia Kashuk Flamingo, 1x swatch, as new. 
IDR 100.000

PL NYX Rouge Cream Blush Natural, Glow
(kondisi yang 1 tutupnya agak lepas tp sudah dibenerin)
dijual paketan IDR 120.000

See that name, I feel like it's calling me. Lol.. I bought this a while ago along with the Tarte Thoughtful Treasures Best Seller Set and I'm really happy with my purchase. I prefer gift set rather than real size because I rarely use it but want to try many things and it is travel friendly. The best is that it contains their best of the best items. Who can resist?

 All the ingredients are listed on the back of the box. Surely I can tell you no paraben there. You get the better when you pay more, right.. High end cosmetics have left paraben (for some brands such as Tarte too).

Because it is a blogger set, of course there are quotes from bloggers too about the products! I've been following some of them because they are awesome.

Price: $20

What it is:

A superstar kit featuring Too Faced’s four products most beloved by some of the brand’s favorite beauty bloggers and vloggers. 

What it does:
Tried, tested, proven, and adored—these are the four products bloggers and vloggers simply can’t resist. 

Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer is infused with antioxidant-rich cocoa powder and signature bronzing pigments to create a unique matte bronzer that neutralizes red and evens skintone. 
Primed and Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer is a one-of-a-kind makeup primer scientifically formulated to glide on sheer, keeping powders, foundations and bronzers looking fresh and in place all-day while minimizing the appearance of pores and imperfections. 

In one easy coat, Better Than Sex Mascara’s carbon black, collagen-fueled formula creates full, defined lashes that are stretched to unbelievable lengths. 

This set contains:
- 0.14 oz Bronzer in Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
- 0.17 oz Primed & Poreless Face Primer
- 0.17 oz Better Than Sex Mascara
- 0.17 oz Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer 

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates 
- Phthalates 
- synthetic fragrance
- triclosan

Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

The packaging is so pretttyyyyy! Superb. A+ for miniature like this. Even though it's only made from plastic but I love the carving, it's so elegant and it has mirror in it. Not many mini size I know even think about having mirror in it. If it has a brush it'd be perfect but never mind because it's in compact size.

What can I say about this.. I am super in love the scent, if you ever drink hot cocoa, this is it, exactly what you smell.  It has subtle matte brown which is really soft to my skin, the color is soft, not so pigmented but buildable. It looks really natural. I think it's best for fair skin because it won't show up at dark skin.

Primed & Poreless Face Primer

The packaging is almost similar with the big one but in smaller tube and more pointy, made from plastic. 

The color is pink beige but more to beige side. It looks like it has thick consistency but because it's creamy and feels matte but easy to blend. It gives matte and powdery finish, minimize the pore and make base/foundation easier to apply.

I can see that my make up lasts longer and  harder to remove because of using this primer, it is also enhances the color of what I'm using esp blush on and bronzer (look the before and after picture and tell me how different it is), but I can't tell about the oil control because I don't have oily skin so having a primer or not is not really a big difference. 

What I don't like is it tends to be sandy or like dirt that comes out after peeling, I don't know if it only happens to me but sometimes it does, maybe because I have normal dry skin but I always prep my skin well before applying make up. Any suggestion please let me know.

Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer

This has the same type of packaging with the face primer but it's smaller because it's for eyes and has different color. Pretty color...

The texture is almost similar with the face primer too only this is thicker, color is almost the same, too.

This is my best one for eye primer, how amazing it changes the same color into more beautiful, vivid and brighter color. I swatched exactly the same times with the 'before'. I've never tried UD primer but I love this one because it is smoothen my shadow application and brighten up the color also makes it last longer, stays in place where it supposed to be. No creasing or fading. Without primer, I already have puppy eyes.. Compare to my Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer, uh ah.. -__- Price talks beb..

Better Than Sex Mascara

Pretty packaging, exactly the mini size of the real one. It has shiny metal sleek look with pink color. Classy! 

I love this mascara for the result. It has peanut shaped brush, never had one like this before, it helps a lot to reach the inner and outer corner of the eyelash. In one swipe I can see the difference and if I want to have more dramatic look, I just apply in several swipes and there's no clumping at all. Sorry no before after for this pic, been having bad lighting here but I assure you this is one of my best.

+ Affordable for set, love it
+ Very good quality, love them all
+ The chocolate smell from soleil is heavenly!
+ The mascara result is amazing
+ The primer (both face and eyes) really do their job esp the face primer makes it more pigmented 

- The primer is a little bit giving me sandy finish (a little bit), may occurs to dry skin, prep your skin well
- The bronzer is very natural, and can't really shows up for contouring for my yellow skin tone. Really nice for fair skin. I will need to find a darker one.

I love everything in it esp mascara and bronzer. They don't use harmful ingredients and feels soft to the skin. For $20 getting 4 wonderful items is totally worth it! I wish I could have more gift set like this... But they're so hard to find and limited. Bought them from Sephora. I don't think I'd buy the full size because it's pricey for me to have each of them in full size. I already love the mini size and I rarely use them so this is perfect esp for travelling.

Let me know your thoughts about it!
Thanks you for coming by!
I'm here to announce the 15 winners!
Congratulations to you all!

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Next step of the giveway:

Para pemenang akan mendapatkan deluxe sample product dari Utama Spice. 
Setelah sample diterima, harap memberikan review dan foto saat menggunakan produk. 
Batas waktu 2 minggu dari penerimaan produk ya.. (kurang lebih 20 April 2014)
3 review terbaik akan mendapatkan voucher masing-masing IDR 500.000 dari Utama Spice. 

Good luck!

It's the end of the month means.. monthly haul post. Hihihi.. I don'y buy many this time. Only several things that I need. But some others that I was grateful to have. 

VoV Castledew Lipgloss
I've never used VoV before, it's also a Korean brand and their packaging is pretty too. I got the lipgloss because I don't own a semi clear gloss right now, this one is pink but no glitter and can be used sheer too. Smooth to apply, a little bit sticky like usual lipgloss, and pretty packaging!

Nano Mist
Have you ever heard the mighty nano mist, it's so expensive, but I decided to get the dupe for me. Cost only IDR 130k. A little break at the lid but no problem, and it feels refreshing and turns my toner into nano particles, just like a very soft mist. It's fun.

Aline Nail Clippers and Scissors
So glad found this high quality tools that was on sale 70% at Matahari. I was looking for beauty scissors like this but only found the avarage one or very expensive one, so when I found the sale tag, I changed my choice to this one immediately and told the sales to change my receipt.

Never say never to a sunglasses, which is a must have when you are in Bali. The sun is shining too shiny, even at 6PM, the sun still shine. I couldn't stand driving or going to the beach without sunglasses because it hurts my eyes. Talk about style and helath, heheh...

Acne sticker. Tried this for the first time and kinda liking it. It helps my popped up pimple getting out without having to push it which can cause irritation. I wish I would've used it sooner.

Original Source Lime, Black Mint, Scrub Cranberry & Honey
Love this brand. Affordable shower gel with yummy and refreshing scent. It is on sale on Guardian 30%, yay... Lime is so refreshing and the cranberry honey smells so good, the granules is soft can be used daily and the consistency is thicker than others. Really hard to find the cranberry one. I had to across 5 shops till finally found this and it's only 1 left.

This is the newest item from Etude House. It's a pink base in a cushion. Quiet like it. Check my full review.

Etude House Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips #PBE102 Beige
Haven't tried it because I wanted to take pics of it before using it. I wanted nude shade and came up with this one. The packaging is soooo pretty!

Missha Super Extreme Waterproof Soft Pencil Eyeliner (Auto) Black
I got this because it is an auto pen with waterproof and smudgeproof formula. The packaging is so pretty and heavier than my other auto pen. It is good but still smudge if I wash my face. Eyeliner gel is more longlasting.

Got some samples from them, really glad to try. Check on my review for details.

Kay Collection Play Girl Eyelash Play Pure
Really happy with this because I needed a natural lashes, and won this from Kay Collection. Haven't tried them but Japanese lashes is one of the best.

Kiehl's samples
By having a consultation you can get 5 samples, never tried Kiehl's before, but this brand is really natural without perfume and color. It is pricey for me but worth the quality.

Who doesn't like lip tint? It's like a must have if you're into Korean cosmetic. Nowadays, lip tint we knew has changed, the usual watery and drying tint, now there are so many in vivid color, just like liquid lipstick. Innisfree launched this range for fall season last year. So many bright pink into burgundy color, it's just trending and every brand launched this kind of color.

I got the No2 Sweet Pink because it's the fuschia pink that I've wanted for so long and it's one of best selling shade, tho there are so many colors that I want more. LOL. One is never enough. 

The packaging has sleek design. Matte off white plastic bottle with transparent rectangle where the color is shown. Matte packaging make it looks more elegant but harder to clean. It is heavier than Etude Cherry Tint, the packaging quality is better.

No English at all aside from the product's name. Looking in web is  must if you want to know about it. Mostly happened in Korean cosmetics.

I like the design, it has a plastic on the neck that works like suction so the wand's body will be clean and the product is only at the point of the wand when we take it out. Less messy right!

The applicator wand has slanted design which easier to apply the product.

The color is pretty and vibrant fuschia. It is super bright as you can see. I love the color. Never had this kind of bold fun color like this. It's very vivid and pigmented too. I'm a bit afraid everytime I wanna use it. It is somehow glossy like liquid lipstick but feel really light and not sticky. 

From fuschia with more pink when it was swatched but after getting dry, it turns into more purple. I swiped it with tissue and the color is pretty amazing, it stains from the first applied, I don't have to wait too long to get it set. Don't you think it's like sumba (food coloring). 

I love the vibrant color. It makes my lips really full. Left is full lips, it has glossy finish, pretty for night. While right is gradient lips and turns into matte finish, add some gloss for more glossy look, suitable for day look.

Different lighting, same color... Which one do you like better?

+ Vivid and bright color
+ Stain and long lasting
+ Wide color range for Korean cosmetic
+ Moisturizing

- Matte packaging is harder to clean if it's stained
- The color indicator is so small, hard to see if you have more than 1

I love how pigmented it is and the long lastingness. But with gradient lips, the color will settle in lines a little and it tends to stain on my bottom lip better then upper lip. It is moisturizing and doesn't dry my lips which I love because usually tint will, but since it is lip tint with creamy and vivid formula, it is better!
More products from Utama Spice, they gave me these samples. Even though it's only sample but the packaging is cute and all the label is the same with the big one. If you notice, they already relabel all their products into a new and better label with hand drawing of the main ingredients. This helps a lot because as Indonesian, I don't even know what the spices look like while the ingredients are mostly from local.

These are all the products.. I love the drawing on the label, it's hand painted by local Balinese artist. The samples are similar with the real size but not exactly the same. Check their web to see.

Utama Spice Face & Body Mask - Clay
Clay is well known for its good properties for the skin. It is cooling and calming the skin, alson clean and tighten pores. It almost doesn't have any scent, nothing too noticeable as it is clay. The mask is like a traditional mask so we have to mix it with water to get some paste then apply it to face or body. Wait until it dries and rinse it off. I love the result. I can feel my pores are tighten, for dry skin apply skincare after. Face getting smoother and it calms my big acne, feels like cooling, my acne got flatten after (not in extreme way but I can notice).

Utama Spice Face Scrub - Green Leaf
Green leaf is made from various leaves. I can smell the leave scent but somehow still pleasing. This one is also a traditional scrub. It's more like dry granules and we have to mix it with water too to get the scrub paste. After massaging for like 1 minute, I rinse it off. My skin is smoother, moisturized and more glowing. It has a slight of sticky feeling after but just a little bit.

Utama Spice Body Lotion - Rose Allure, Tangerine, Lemongrass Ginger, Green Leaf
 There are many variants of the lotion, I got 4. My fave is Lemongrass Ginger, it smells sweet but refreshing, think of a drink, I like Hot Toddy and Lemongrass Tea. The tangerine smells nice too, while rose is floral and the least is Green Leaf smells like mixture of leaves, hard to describe >.<. The texture is jelly-ish and contaions much oil (VCO), spreads easily and leaves oily finish which comes from the VCO but it is absorbed to the skin well, kinda glowing with a bit of light oil. Not greasy.

Utama Spice Body Butter - Lemongrass Ginger, Rose Allure, Lavender
The scents are the same with the lotion. Lavender is the only ingredient from abroad, we don't have it here but it's really good for aromatherapy. The texture is very soft, not like greasy butter. I like this one better than lotion, I think it blends better leaving skin moisturized.

Utama Spice Body Butter (Balm) - Cocoa
This one belongs to body butter but has different texture among others. I consider it as body balm. It smells like natural cocoa, not a strong chocolate if you imagine that. The texture is very hard and thick, I have to use a spatula to use it. It is dry and non sticky until you blends and it'll melt like butter. Good for dry skin like heels, and rash skin. For full body, it's too greasy for me.

Utama Spice Body Oil - Lemongrass Ginger, Rose Allure, Aphrodisia, Lavender, Clearing
I love this Body Oil for massage. It gives warm sensation after massaging and makes me relax. My fave is lemongrass, rose and lavender. The clearing has mint oil which is good for breathing but has scent like eucalyptus oil somehow. Aphrodisia has unique scent which I find too strong for my liking because it has patchouli in it, I think. Maybe you can end up liking it.

If you want to get those products for free, don't forget to join the giveaway!
This is the last day...
The total prize is IDR 1.500.000

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