Burger is normal. It's a very popular American food in all over the world. But what about black burger?

So last night, I went to this place with my husband. Long time since the last time we're dating for a dinner. Really curious with the black burger that is now raved especially in Japan because Burger King launched this kind of limited edition. Not too far, we can also get it in Bali.

It is located in Tuban, Kuta, near the airport. If you know the shop complex that connecting By Pass Ngurah Rai with Raya Tubah. This is where it is. For exact location you can check on their web or tripadvisor. 

It's the outdoor area. I didn't take picture of it because I came at night and it was too dark. It offers cozy, retro and fun interior. You can see from the drum and metal seating from outdoor. Candles at night. When I went here yesterday, it's a bit different because they have sofa seating outdoor, made from metal and cushion too, fit the concept.

The interior has the same concept with the outdoor. The different color of one another between the chairs, also the splats colorful color on the white table with the unfinished kind of wall, really retro and fit young style. I also love the cartoon poster on the wall. They also have small writing on the wall, if you need aircon please let us know, because otherwise, when there is no one inside, they will turn off the aircon, talk about go green.

The brown and yellow area is the kitchen. You can see them cooking over the small window over there. The right one is cashier area. 

The seating area near the outdoor window. Fun to hang with friends.

They offer magazines to read or spending your time. I think it's the owner's personal collection because there're many imported and unique book here, not only magazines.

Source: www.blackhouseburgers.com
I like the waitress because she knows the menu, it's an important part of a restaurant. When waiter or waitress don't understand the menu, it's already a fail. They don't have many kinds of menu because they want to be focused on what they serve. Aside from burgers, they also have rice and noodle menu, because the owner is Chinese Indonesian so rice and noodle is a must too but of course with fusion style. The price for the beverage / drink is really acceptable and cheap compared with other restaurants. If you ordered any food, you can get the drink on half price. Plus no tax added. Finally! It is a rare thing in Kuta.

After ordering, this is the first that came. This is 'The Merry Lady', at first I thought  it already has lime inside, but the lime is just a small slice on the top so it's more like an orange juice with lime. For my liking, it's too sweet. I wish they put more lime instead of sugar because it will be different and fresher.

We just ordered one black burger to be shared because I knew that it's big and I couldn't finish it all by myself. We wanted to try the BLACK A-BOMB PLUS, how hot could it be! The burger already came with fries, I love the fries because it has herb seasoning on it, I think it's rosemary. The sauce, there are chili, tomato and mustard. Yumm..

Closer look! It is a big one. Honestly, I got confused at first about how can I bite it for the first time. But yeah, just open your mouth as big as you can and bite it. Make sure there's no one looking at you and wipe off your lipstick first.

Here's da bomb! Hot chili on the inside plus cherry tomatoes and chili powder, caramelized onion, a slice of cheese, beef meat and lettuce at the bottom. There's no other sauce beside mayo, I think. Would be better if there's black pepper sauce added so it will be more juicy.

The meat is thick, cooked well done but still juicy, right timing. It is big as you see... Imagine how can I eat it alone unless in a very hungry condition. 

Gonna be back to this place for sure!

Which one do you want to try???

Psstt... I ended up not eating all the chili because I just got it after eating more than a half, I think it slipped or something. So I ate half of my burger with half the chili too and it's hot! I like spicy food, for Asian you can try this BOMB. For tourist, I think you can skip it unless you really really wanna try.

See you on my next post!
This is my first post about food and I will post more about food in Bali.
Hello! Summer from Bali! Yeah it's always summer, we haven't had any rain for a long time. Anyway, I'll share gathering event sponsored by Utama Spice at Biku! My favourite place for high tea. Even Tyra Banks went here when she was in Bali and I recommend you to book first before going to this place or you'll end up waiting in a long line.

So, it happened 2 weeks ago, when I met Ria, the owner of Utama Spice, I've know her since last year. She's a fun girl and very down to earth. Tell you later! We chit chat and finally had an idea to make a gathering. How fun it is! It was a quick one, so I asked some of my blogger friends in Bali to come on Sunday and here we go...

Biku, fun place to start, because Ria had lived in London for a long time, she loves high tea of course and this is the right place to be. 

Biku blends together the unique combination of a tea lounge, restaurant, antiques and book store in Bali. Inspired by Indonesia's unique cultures, Biku is an eclectic mix of old Indonesia with a modern touch. Located in Seminyak, Bali, Biku takes on a life of its own in a historic 150-year-old Teak Joglo from East Java. The joglo was once an antique store but has been converted into a restaurant and is now Biku. They have indoor and outdoor space.

We met at 10 am for breakfast at the outdoor seating area. There were 7 of us. Some of them, I have met before but some were new to me, just knew them from their blogs. As we gathered, Ria (the one on my left side) started to explain the background of Utama Spice, a natural concept beauty for your body needs which is cruelty free and no parabens. 

Mostly, the ingredients were made from the real plants that they planted except Lavender oil because it wouldn't grew in Indonesia. They did this to prevent unwanted harm ingredients if they bought from another company which usually not honest about what's inside. By doing this, they also support local farmers by teaching them how to plant not only paddies but also many other things. Even she told me that they also plant cucumber and long bean for drink and food. Awesome!

Here are our goodies... Each who came got a goodie bag full with products. I got Lavender hair oil, Rose Allure body lotion, Begone Bug, and Peppermint Lip Balm. I love the lip balm, this is my second one after the Cocoa Lip Balm. And tell you what, the bug spray is the best. As you live in Bali, full with outdoor spaces, mosquitoes will love you, especially tourists. This one helps a lot. I have bought it before in bigger bottle size from Guardian and so happy to receive the small one. Upcoming further review... ^_^

A table full of food, I love it.. It's English style high tea. First, we had tea and fruit salad, and there's a 2 tier high tea stand from small to big one.

Here's my tea. I ordered white tea. I really love how lovely and feminine their plates, cups, etc. It's fit the concept of fusion, ethnic Indonesian with classic English kind of style.

What's on the tier? On the top, we had croissant, raisin danish and scone. My favorite scone here, best combination with plain cold cream and strawberry jam. So delish! The bottom part, we had chicken sausages, cream cheese pancake with smoked salmon, omelet, baked tomatoes, and corn fritter with guacamole on top. My favorite is the cream cheese pancake with smoked salmon, I love salmon! They change the menu regularly so people won't get bored of it. They also have Asian High Tea for people who prefer more Indonesian taste.

Everyone is busy taking pictures before eating. Bloggers.. Lol..

After eating, of course we chit chat and did many selfies! Even we told the waiter to take picture of us a few times. This photo is candid by Lina.

It was so fun meeting friends and get to know each other. Thank you Utama Spice!

Reviews coming up soon! I have reviewed some of Utama Spice products before like Lip Balm, Body Lotion and Butter, various Mask Scrub Lotion Butter Oil also check out their Sanur Store. If you aren't in Bali you can get Utama Spice products at Guardian, Hero, and their website too.

Bye for now!

If you are into beauty, you must have known that Thai skincare and cosmetics are so booming right now. I've reviewed one of the best cosmetic from Thai brand (Mei Linda Quick Eyeliner & Miracle Brow Gel).

Now is the time for the skincare. I know you must have heard about Bangkok Face. I received two products from Kiss Indo like a month ago, Bangkok Face Gem Fruit Pudding Cream & Lotus Sparkling Mask. Finally I have time to review them now.

Bangkok Face Gem Fruit Pudding Cream

The product name is long, right? I'm so curious because it has the word pudding  in it. Let's see...

It promotes healthy soft as silk facial skin within 7 days after used. It uses pomegranate extract which contains high anti-oxidant. 

The box is cute with white and fuschia color on it. The printing at the front box is embossed on the doff paper.

But the bottle is really plain compared to the box, light plastic bottle with transparent sticker label on it. I wasn't hoping for the cuteness but I thought it could be better?.. Hmm the good side is it's travel friendly because it's considered as small and light.

The texture is really like pudding, almost like a gel cream but denser. It smells so yummy sweet like vanilla or custard pudding but the color is more to orange or peach. I almost want to eat it. 

It absorbed nicely into the skin, need time because a little bit sticky at first but after seconds, I feel like I have nothing on my face. I can feel the firmness after using it because I have normal dry skin so the firmness effect works better on me, I think. But on the down side is it lacks of moisture. I need something more moisturizing so my skin can get plumper. Using moist toner and serum before can help. For the whitening, I think it makes my face brighten a bit but not much.


+ Travel friendly packaging
+ Smells yum
+ Absorbed quiet fast
+ Leaves no sticky feeling behind
+ Feels tighten not long after using (Lifting)
+ Soften my skin texture


- Bottle packaging made from light plastic, doesn't look elegant
- Not really moisturizing
- A bit pricey


This cream is good with oily skin people better than dry skin people because it is not oily and I can feel my pores are tighten as the quick result after applying it. I'm not really sure about the whitening effect but it brighten my complexion a bit. Love the smell and texture too but for a small cream, it's a bit pricey for me.

Bangkok Lotus Sparkling Mask

Another product that is booming right now beside the pudding cream, Lotus Sparkling Mask. The name is beautiful. It's almost the same with the pudding cream, I won't notice the different from the packaging. Have to read it closely.

The box has the same concept with the pudding cream. White fuschia color with doff paper.

The bottle packaging is the same too. Plastic jar with transparent sticker label on it. Wish it is glass so it will be better looking.

The texture is almost the same too, even the color. But the mask is lighter in color but denser in texture. It is thicker and stickier. 

Usually when I apply sleeping mask, I apply it a little bit thicker than night cream and it will absorbed and not sticky the next morning I wake up. But this one is too sticky for my liking. I can feel the stickiness the next morning but the good is it makes my skin texture soften and moist, brighten too. 


+ Travel friendly packaging
+ Smells yum
+ Soften my skin texture and make it moist
+ Use organic nature ingredient
+ Tighten pores


- Bottle packaging made from light plastic, doesn't look elegant
- Not really moisturizing
- A bit pricey


This mask is good for dry skin, Makes it moist and supple. Tighten pores and brighten face too but careful with the stickiness, maybe I put it too much. Just remember to apply it thinly. Despite the price and packaging, I like this one. Sleeping mask is one of my fave skin care.

Where to buy?

IG: @kissindonesia

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Hi, I'm back with a giveaway. Super sorry if I've been missing these past few months. I'm working a lot and sometimes wondering if 1 day is more than 24 hours! Fiuh..

Now back to the Giveaway...

The Good News is..
This is a worldwide giveaway sponsored by Wishtrend. If you haven't known about Wishtrend, check my post here. I love their website because they provide so many Korean beauty items that is a bit rare to be found anywhere else and the quality of the products are so good. I've tried some of them like Klair Rich Moist Soothing Cream and OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum.

There will be 3 winners for this Giveaway and each winner can choose their own choice of [KLAIRS] Be Clean Natural Soap

There are 5 types of KLAIRS Soap from head to toe:

# Hasuo Healthy Shampoo Soap (Hair)
# Rich Moist Facial Soap (Face)
# Manuka Honey & Choco Body Soap (Body)
# Teatree & Hinoki Hand Soap (Hand)
# Peppermint Cooling Foot Soap (Foot)

Brand : KLAIRS
Volume :
Before drying 120g
(After drying 100g)
All Skin Types
Made in Korea

I would like to try the one for face and body because the word moist always attracts me and I can resist choco soap. Imagine how sweet it can be...

Good Luck everyone!

I will be writing this post in Indonesian, you can use google translate to read it.

Hi! Sudah minggu lalu aku mencoba produk ini baru sempat review sekarang. BBlog dengan Mustika Ratu memberikan Simply Stay kit untuk bloggers yang isinya wow dan inilah dia... Pengen tahu selanjutnya? Check my post!

Siapa sih yang ga tahu Mustika Ratu, brand yang sudah sangat terkenal sejak dahulu kala di Indonesia. Bisa dibilang pelopor kecantikan di Indonesia yang bikin wanita Indonesia bisa tampil cantik dengan produk lokal berkualitas dan tanpa biaya yang mahal.

Mereka meluncurkan produk terbarunya yaitu rangkaian Simply Stay yang ditujukan untuk wanita muda yang aktif,simple dan selalu ingin tampil cantik setiap saat. Formula dan kandungan bahan alaminya aman digunakan dan disesuaikan untuk wanita Indonesia dan MAMPU MEMPERTAHANKAN RIASAN SELAMA 8 JAM. Harganya pun terjangkau banget!

Why Simply Stay?

Rangkaian Simply Stay diformulasikan untuk wanita Indonesia di daerah tropis dengan teksturnya yang lembut dan melembabkan, cocok untuk daerah tropis karena aplikasinya gampang (Simply) dan tahan lama (Stay).

Rangkaian Simply Stay mengandung :
1. Curcuma Heyneana Root Extract sebagai natural skin conditioning, memberikan kelembaban, menghaluskan kulit serta mencerahkan kulit
2. Tocopheryl Acetat (Vitamin E) merupakan anti oksidan alami, antioksidan kuat untuk melindungi dari kerusakan oleh radikal oksigen reaktif & sinar UV
3. Octyl Methoxycinnamate sebagai UV filter alami untuk melindungi wajah dari paparan sinar matahari (UV B)

Di Indonesia, sebagai wanita yang aktif dengan cuaca tropis yang panas, Mustika Ratu memberikan solusi buat tetap tampil cantik dengan formula yang sesuai (ringan, tahan lama, melindungi dari sinar matahari). 

Simply Stay Kit

Pretty but simple! Sesuai dengan namanya, Simply Stay Kit dikemas secara simple namun menarik. Didominasi warna putih dan silver mendukung tampilan yang simple namun tetap modern. Pitanya juga berguna banget untuk penggunaan kit ini supaya mudah ditarik.

Di belakangnya ada keterangan lengkap mengenai produknya, rangkaian Simply Stay mengeluarkan 5 produk, namun yang terdapat di dalam kit ini terdapat 4 macam. Tidak ada loose powder karena tidak kompatibel juga untuk disertakan disini.

Di bawah box ada keterangan isi kit yaitu Moisturizer, Liquid Foundation, Stick Foundation dan Two Way Cake. Selain itu terdapat warna / shade untuk foundation dan two way cake yaitu caramel latte, smoothie yellow, pearly white dan sweet choco.

Open the box and voila! Pretty complete kit. Lengkap untuk dibawa2 mulai dari pelembab hingga two way cake. Complete base make up. Isinya terdiri dari:
1. Stick Foundation
2. Two Way Cake
3. Pelembab
4. Liquid Foundation

1. Stick Foundation

Stick Foundation berupa krim padat dengan urutan warna sebagai berikut:
1. Pearly White
2. Smoothie Yellow
3. Caramel Latte
4. Sweet Choco

Harga: Rp 50.000

Karena berupa stik pada bentuk real size maka penggunaannya sangat mudah cukup dioleskan di seluruh muka di beberapa area dan baurkan dengan jari sampai merata. Praktis dan bila tidak ingin jari kotor, bisa memakai kuas atau spon. Untuk yang warna gelap bisa dipakai untuk shading hidung dan muka.

Teksturnya cukup creamy dengan hasil matte dan cukup mudah dibaurkan, hanya saja pastikan kulitmu sudah lembab sebelum aplikasi supaya bisa dibaurkan secara merata.

+ Kelebihan +
+ Praktis, tidak tumpah-tumpah, cocok untuk travelling
+ Pilihan warna bervariasi dari kulit cerah hingga gelap
+ Tekstur creamy untuk hasil matte (disarankan untuk kulit berminyak)
+ Bisa multifungsi sebagai concealer / penutup noda
+ Harga terjangkau

- Kekurangan -
- Agak sulit dibaurkan bila kulit kurang lembab atau kering

2. Two Way Cake

Two Way Cake berupa bedak padat yang sudah ada foundation di dalamnya sehingga coveragenya lumayan, urutan warna sebagai berikut:
1. Caramel Latte
2. Smoothie Yellow
3. Pearly White
4. Sweet Choco

Urutan warnanya sedikit berbeda dengan stick foundationnya namun tetap mengandung keempat warna tersebut.

Harga: Rp 75.000

Penggunaan bisa memakai puff yang sudah tersedia untuk lebih praktis namun bila menggunakan kuas bedak maka hasil bisa terlihat lebih natural dan merata. Favoritku adalah memakai kuas, dan puff hanya dipakai saat bepergian saja.

Teksturnya lembut, cukup mengcover juga, namun bila penggunaan terlalu banyak bisa menyebabkan cakey (retak-retak pada wajah terutama garis senyum dan bawah mata). Pastikan pemakaian yang secukupnya saja dan sesuai dengan warna kulit supaya tidak belang.

+ Kelebihan +
+ Variasi warna cukup banyak, ada 4 shade
+ Awet 
+ Coveragenya lumayan
+ Harga terjangkau

- Kekurangan -
- Warna sweet choco agak susah aplikasinya, warnanya kurang merata
- Teksturnya lembut namun kurang lembab

3. Pelembab

Pelembabnya disesuaikan dengan jenis kulit wanita Indonesia, dan dibagi menjadi 2:
1. For Normal to Oily Skin (Normal Berminyak)
2. For Normal to Dry Skin (Normal Kering)

Mengandung bahan alami, vit E dan tabir surya. Tidak disebutkan SPF berapa, tetapi bahan yang terkandung bisa membantu untuk menghalau paparan sinar UV.

Harga: Rp 15.000

Penggunaan cukup dioleskan di muka dengan tangan dan tunggu hingga meresap sebelum melanjutkan ke make up.

1. For Normal to Oily Skin (Normal Berminyak)
Krim berwarna putih dengan tekstur ringan lebih cepat menyerap dan melembabkan tapi tidak lengket.

2. For Normal to Dry Skin (Normal Kering)
Krim berwawrna putih namun teksturnya lebih padat dan penyerapannya cukup lama, agak susah merata. Sangat lembab.

+ Kelebihan +
+ Harga murah
+ Ada 2 jenis untuk kulit berbeda
+ Sudah ada pelindung tabir surya

- Kekurangan -
- Wanginya agak kuat dan oldies
- Untuk normal dry agak susah dibaur dan penyerapannya lebih lama

4. Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation berupa alas bedak cair, cocok untuk kulit cenderung kering dibandingkan dengan stick foundation, urutan warna sebagai berikut:
1. Caramel Latte
2. Smoothie Yellow
3. Pearly White
4. Sweet Choco

Harga: 20.000

Oleskan di wajah dan dibaurkan dengan tangan, kuas atau spon. Aplikator favoritku adalah menggunakan brush untuk hasil yang natural dan merata.

Teksturnya creamy cenderung encer sehingga ringan di kulit dan mudah dibaurkan.

+ Kelebihan +
+ Murah banget untuk foundation hanya 20.000, sementara stick foundation 50.000
+ Ada 4 warna
+ Karena encer, aplikasi mudah
+ Coveragenya cukup oke

- Kekurangan -
- Warna yang ada kurang sesuai dengan kulitku, masih terlalu gelap
- Wanginya sedikit oldies

Simply Stay on Me

Produk yang digunakan:
1. Pelembab (Normal to Dry)
2. Liquid Foundation (Pearly White)
3. Liquid Foundation (Smoothie Yellow) - Shading
4. Two Way Cake (Pearly White)
5. Two Way Cake (Sweet Choco) - Shading

KIRI: Pelembab (Normal to Dry)
Kulitku cenderung kering sehingga aku menggunakan pelembab untuk kulit kering

KANAN: Liquid Foundation (Pearly White)
Setelah krim merata dan meresap, dilanjutkan dengan liquid foundation warna paling muda yaitu Pearly White. Sekali lagi karena kulitku jenis normal kering maka liquid foundation lebih tepat daripada stick. Sayangnya warnanya masih terlalu gelap di kulitku tapi masih bisa disamarkan dengan bedak. 

KIRI: Setelah menggunakan pelembab+foundation
Aku pakai kuas stippling brush untuk hasil yang halus dan merata. Coveragenya oke banget, cukup bisa menutupi kekurangan seperti bekas jerawat dan flek, jadi tidak memakai concealer lagi. Kalau mau lebih full coverage bisa ditambahkan concealer.

KANAN: Liquid Foundation (Smoothie Yellow)+Two Way Cake (Pearly White, Sweet Choco)
Untuk hasil yang lebih sempurna, penggunaan foundation dan bedak warna lebih gelap bisa dipakai untuk shading sehingga wajah tidak terlihat flat. Shading yang aku pakai hanya sedikit saja supaya kelihatan natural. Penggunaan Two Way Cake menggunakan kuas bedak sehingga hasil lebih rata dan tidak cakey. Aku cukup suka hasilnya yang natural dan semi matte.

Tambahkan eyeliner, eye brow pencil, lip tint dan sedikit blush on untuk melengkapi tampilan simply stay-mu. Now I'm ready to go!


Produk ini ditujukan untuk wanita aktif dengan harga terjangkau dan formula yang sudah disesuaikan untuk kulit Indonesia. Rangkaiannya cukup komplit dari pelembab, foundation hingga bedak. 

Warna yang ada disesuaikan dengan warna kulit orang Indonesia namun karena warna kulit orang Indonesia sangat beragam sehingga masih ada yang kurang cocok dengan warnanya, semoga bisa dilengkapi ke depannya.

Daya tahan yang lama menjadi unggulan produk ini, menurutku cukup awet karena tahan berjam-jam, namun make up tentunya akan lebih awet bila kondisi kita di dalam ruangan.

Dengan harga sangat terjangkau, hasilnya cukup memuaskan.

Acara ini diorganisir oleh B Blog Indonesia

Disponsori oleh Mustika Ratu

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