Friday, April 24, 2015

Medical Trip to Mahkota Medical Centre at Malacca

This is a personal stuff but I wanna share to you because I hope this post will encourage and help the people who need it. I won't post many photos here because this post is more to informative purpose and ehm... I don't like taking pics of the hospital and such >_<.

So.. Last week I went to Malacca, Malaysia to do laparascopic surgery to remove myoma and cyst. I've known this since last year but I'm still thinking on what to do because my doctor wanted to do caesar surgery to remove them because it's been causing irregular periods and unhealthy for me. But wait.. What...! It's too big for me, I haven't got any child but I have to do C-section first???

I also took consultation with doctor in Surabaya and they say the same thing. Most of Indonesian doctors wanna do caesar surgery. Urgh... I'm tired of that. It's also not cheap, especially when I'm asking the new hospital in Surabaya, National Hospital, they said it will be around IDR 70 million. Ehmm.. No way.. Other hospitals just cost IDR 20 million or something. I don't want to go to Jakarta again for asking around, I know that it'd be expensive and I'm not really sure with the treatment.

But few months ago, my husband's relative said there's a good hospital in Malaysia which many Indonesians go there as medical purpose. There are so many Indonesian people go to Malaysia like Penang and Malacca to get treatment or just for medical check up. Unfortunately Penang isn't my option as I can't go there directly by plane because there's no direct route (have to transit in KL and take another plane to Penang), so people from Bali usually choose Malacca. The famous one is Mahkota Medical Centre (MMC). They gave alternative for laparascopic surgery (key hole operation) so there will be no mark and heals faster. I heard that the referred doctor did the first 3D laparascopic surgery in Asia, and of course with reasonable price.

MMC is behind Hatten Hotel (view from 17th floor)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

[Sponsored] Big Box Cookies from Azucar Bake Shop

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It's been quiet a long time since my last food post. I love food so much... Lol.. By saying that I know that I also need a diet >_<, but who can't resist yummy cookies? I definitely can't. I will introduce you to the unique and yummy handmade cookies that's been a hype now.

Azucar Bake Shop is an online bake shop based in Bali. They bake cookies and cakes, but only cookies that can be sent all over Indonesia, while cakes are for around Denpasar area only. They gave me the 'Big Box Cookies'. It's a box that contains 6 different yummy cookies. The 'Small Box Cookies' is a box with 3 packs of cookies that you can choose from 6 variants. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

[Sponsored] Review: Utama Spice Argan oil

Hi.. I just got back from Malacca, it's a long tiring week but I'm grateful for that. Back to blogging, I wanna share the today's hype about oil, especially Argan Oil. I've known about it for some time because of the goodness but it's not available locally but now we can get it locally with very affordable price!

Utama Spice (read the brand intro here) just launched their newest products a few months ago which is Argan Oil. But.. It's not totally made in Bali because we can't grow Argan here, so it's imported from local farmers in Morocco. That's why they can give you affordable price. It's a very long way, right. They packed it here into cute glass bottles so we can use it right away.

Monday, April 20, 2015

[Sponsored] Review: Gizi 'Secret of Seaweed' Super Cream Series

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Gizi Super Cream, pasti gak asing lagi dengan brand yang satu ini karena ini adalah brand yang sering dipakai oleh orang tua kita dulu. Istilahnya brand yang sudah everlasting banget dari dulu hingga sekarang. Gizi sudah hadir di Indonesia sejak tahun 1972 atau kurang lebih 40 tahun lamanya. Sekarang, selain di toko-toko, Gizi juga bisa dibeli secara online di websitenya jadi kamu tidak usah khawatir kalau produk ini susah didapat di kota kamu.

Beberapa waktu lalu Gizi Super Cream mengirimkan beberapa produk terbarunya dengan tema 'Secret of Seaweed' dengan rumput laut sebagai bahan utamanya dan ditambahkan dengan bahan-bahan alami Indonesia lainnya seperti beras, bligo, kedelai, lidah buaya, jeruk nipis, dan pepaya. Gizi mempersembahkan sebuah mahakarya dari 7 kebaikan alam Indonesia. Perpaduannya disempurnakan dengan teknologi nano yang membantu menutrisi dan merawat kulit secara alami.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Planning a Wedding? is the answer

Hi! Are you a Bride to be? If yes, this is a must read article for you. If you have passed the 'bride' moment, then you can advise the other Bride to be because they must have asked you a lot about wedding.

Have you ever heard about Bridestory?

One thing that came to my mind about it is... Why didn't I know about this before my wedding, it would save my time a lot. It did make me crazy to find vendors we want. Now, you don't have to worry anymore because you already knew about Bridestory (I'm the one telling u)!