Friday, June 14, 2013

Review: Etude House CC Cream Glow

Etude House released CC Cream. It's one of the first CC Cream out there.
CC Cream is Correct & Care Cream. It is combining skin care and make up at once but with sheer coverage.
Etude House CC Cream comes with 2 variants, silky and glow.
I like glowing face better so I chose glow version.

Etude House CC Cream Glow
Contains: 35gr



It is tube like Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream and other BB Creams from Etude use this kind of packaging.
The color is soft pink but hardly seen in the pic because of the flash.

The description and ingredients written in English, not like Banila Co that I've reviewed before.

A pump is used to get the liquid out. It's practical but can cause dirty in the inside cap.


The color is white with brown smart pigment capsules, which is the special from CC Cream.
It can bursts into brown color and adjust into our skin tone.
Texture is sandy, I can feel the particles as it's not so smooth.
Smell is soft and powdery.

Look at the color changing.
First, it is white, after blending, it turns slowly into our skin tone but brighter and more glowing.
It needs time and a little bit hard to be blended in.

After a moment, it is the same with my skin tone and you can see the glowing skin.

You can see on my skin, the CC Cream brighten my skin and make it look dewy, even out the dullness.
There's a bit of stickiness that I don't really like.
If I don't blend it well, there will be white harsh lines and can be white cast too.
It's not moisturizing even though it says it has skin care properties, but for normal dry skin like me, I don't like it without moisturizer. It feels dry on the skin.

It's me using Etude House CC Cream Glow only.

+ Light travel
+ Gives glowing finish
+ One of the cheapest CC Cream

- Texture is a bit sandy
- Needs effort to blend in
- Takes time to color change
- Feels sticky
- Not moisturizing, make sure you use moisturizer before

I like how it gives glowing finish but I don't really like the formula. 
It's my least favorite over all CC Cream I've ever tried (Banila Co, Tony Moly, Face Shop).
Sorry to say, but Etude House CC Cream kinda makes me disappointed.
Maybe it's good as a base, but not to wear alone without powder or something else.

What is your fav?
Let me know!