If you have seen my collab with some bloggers to do 2NE1 Falling in Love MV Make Up, I promised to make the tutorial and not that only. I will also review my new brush set, I love it. It is from BH Cosmetics, affordable high quality products and really suits you who wants to try make up because they have so so many palettes.

BH Cosmetics Eco Brush Set

It is already a perfect set for me because it's complete for makeup from eyes, face and lips. The bristles is super soft and good quality, the handles were made from bamboo which is eco friendly, they look greener than what it is in the picture and still look really like bamboo. I think eco tools has better color. The bag is cute and travel friendly because it's really light but it will get dirty easily because it is made from fabric, but still we can wash it.

Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. Fill in brows with brown eyeshadow to make a soft and natural look using 8.Angled Shadow Brush 
  2. Apply green eyeshadow on the lid using 5.Contour Blending Brush
  3. Apply gold eyeshadow to blend and soften the look using 6.Smudge Brush
  4. Apply brown eyeshadow for a hint of shading using 7.Flat Shadow Brush
  5. Highlight the brow bone with white/silver eyeshadow using 4.Blending Brush
  6. Apply eyeliner using 9. Flat Eyeliner Brush and add some black eyeshadow to fill in the gap if needed. Put on lashes.

The Eye Look is finished!
It is really soft and the green eyeshadow I use is not really visible because of the camera light and not the right green but you can use any soft eyeshadow with this super easy technique and you don't have to use so many brushes, I just want to show the use of each brush.

Face Makeup Tutorial

  1. Apply foundation with 3.Foundation Brush
  2. Put on some loose powder to set the foundation with 1.Powder Brush
  3. Apply highlight, blush and bronzer using 2.Angled Blush Brush
  4. Contour the nose with matte brown shadow using 5.Contour Blending Brush
  5. Apply orange lipstick and some lipgloss using 10.Lip/Concealer Brush

All set and done! It's simple and easy ^_^
Add some jewels if you want to complete the Dara look.

Have fun!

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