Hi.. Been missing me so much? Anyway, Happy New Year to all of you even I think it's too late to say that. >_<

This will be my first post this year and I'll give a short review for this cute little product. Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub is one of the cutest thing I've ever had. It's so cute for the lips shape. I wanted a lip scrub because my lips tend to get dry and chapped easily so I have to maintain it, I don't like having rough lips and it will look ugly especially when applying lipstick. I asked Rini to get me one when she went to Korea, thank you Rin for the help! It costs me around IDR 80.000 along with the shipping to my home.

Sorry for the bad pic quality, I took it with my phone with low light condition and no flash, just wanted to try out my phone.

The lip scrub is made from plastic, the color is so pretty, shocking pink, and the shape, ask for no more. Really cute with the lips shape, it is bigger than my lips though. 

Open up! Here it is the scrub, it more like cream scrub. The packaging is a bit bulky compared to the product inside. But it's ok for me. I don't bring it anywhere, it suits more for night treatment to me and not everyday I'm doing it. The product is quiet a lot, because I can just use it with pea size amount to cover my lips, I have small lips anyway.

A little goes a long way. The cream scrub is white with soft granules in it. I like that it's soft and smooth, but if you have very rough lips, maybe you'd like to do it several times until you get the result you want.  For me, it is enough just with 1 time scrubbing. 

What I like that it doesn't have weird or bitter taste and smells nice, soft and some kind of floral. Because it is lip scrub, we will accidentally taste it right, it'd be yucky if it tastes bad, but it's not. The texture is creamy and soft to so it won't hurts the lips because lips is thin and sensitive area. 

Bye bye chapped lips, see you soft lips!

+ Cute packaging
+ Smells nice
+ No weird taste
+ A little goes a long way
+ Soft granules don't hurt the lips

- Quiet bulky because of the cute packaging, but I don't mind

I love this lip scrub especially fall for the packaging, but I also like using it. No minus for me. I've tried another lip scrub from Bioglo and I like this one better.


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